Tune in, Reconnect and Align with Our Self-fullness


SELF-FULLCENTRIC is a passion project of Lana Jelenjev, a learning experience designer and community alchemist who in her late 30’s was diagnosed with breast cancer. The same illness that her 49 year old mother succumbed to. This experience led her to re-examining her life and it was in this period when she was re-introduced to the word “self-fullness”. A term that she first heard from international speaker and author, Iyanla Vanzant, when she was going through one of the most challenging periods of her life- caring for her terminally ill mother.

SELF-FULLCENTRIC is a collection of FREE 7-Day Challenges from experienced coaches, facilitators and therapists who have gladly shared their practices on how to tune in, reconnect and align with our self-fullness. These are bite-sized challenges that can get us re-examining life, trying out new ways of being and encouraging us to embody a more self-fullcentric lifestyle.


What does it mean to be self-full?
How can we see, hear, feel self-fullness in our daily lives?
What practices can we do to integrate and embody this mindset?

These are just some of the questions that led Lana to re-design her life after breast cancer. These are also the points of inquiry that have shaped the curation of the topics for this project.

The coaches, facilitators and therapists offering the 7 Day Challenges were meticulously curated to offer various opportunities to practice and integrate self-fullness in our daily lives. Some of the topics are boundary setting, cyclical living, mindfulness, happiness at work, taking pause and doing nothing, ancestral healing, grief, energy management, re-examining patriarchy and matriarchy, and arriving at a full yes.


Is the idea of exploring what makes you “self-full” resonating with you?

If yes, then share your email address so we can send you the link to the platform. Launch date of “SELF-FULLCENTRIC” is March 20, in time for International Day of Happiness.